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The Stay Safe spread good vibes only™ range of hygiene products has been specifically designed to protect your most valuable assets as they return to work.

Australian Owned
Kills 99.9% of germs
Kills 99.9% of Germs such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
Contains 70% V/V Ethanol
Contains 70% v/v Ethanol
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
Spread Good Vibes Only
our range.
As we move into our new normal routines, we’re here to help your team get on with life and back working together safely.

The Stay Safe spread good vibes only™ brand is exclusively available by buying direct from the Australian Manufacturer. Place an order today!

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We understand that the way Australians work has changed forever. As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of hand sanitisers, we were passionate about ensuring that everyone spreads good vibes only. We created Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™, a product range including hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray, multi-purpose cleaner and hand sanitising wipes. Our complete range is targeted towards creating safe workplaces and homes by making our products accessible and available to buy online and in bulk.

Our brand is Australian designed and owned, with our hand sanitiser gel range, multi-purpose cleaner and antibacterial spray manufactured in Australia*. When you buy from us, you’re buying local.

The world as we know it has changed a great deal in recent times. What were once common, accepted and even polite customs amongst strangers, friends, colleagues and family – like shaking hands - are now avoided to help contain the spread of germs and bacteria. The surest way to stop the spread of germs from person to person is practise good hygiene. To help us all shoulder the responsibility of looking after one another, you can use our range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ antibacterial products, like our hand sanitiser available in all sizes from a convenient 50ml travel size to bulk sizes including our 1L hand sanitiser that is ideal for commercial environments like shops and workspaces.

Australian government has released information targeted to help Australians understand their role respsonsibility to minimise the spread of infectious bacteria. As the Australian government has advised, nothing beats the antibacterial power of soap and warm water. Regular soap does not, in and of itself, contain anything particularly special that kills germs on the skin or on our commonly used surfaces. Instead, it contains chemicals which, when mixed with warm water, help remove the bacteria from our flesh and safely drain it away with the rest of our waste water. Soap works by shifting the dangerous germs and it works better with warm water because the temperature breaks down the natural oils on our skin. It is within these oils that the harmful bacteria we are all trying to avoid spreading live and thrive. When you wash your hands, you aren’t killing harmful bacteria. Instead, you are removing it from your skin.

The most optimal times to wash your hands are after you have been in contact with public surfaces, after you have eaten and after you have used the toilet. Shared surfaces that have been touched by the general public are exposed to germs and bacteria. Some of these germs may be dangerous when they come into contact with your hands, and then touch your face. Others are not but the best way to ensure that you’re not inadvertently spreading germs is to cleanse your hands after touching anything that you aren’t certain is completely clean or free of germs.

To be safe, you should always wash your hands, ensure that the temperature of the water is warm and that you are actively scrubbing each hand with the other to dislodge the oils that carry dangerous germs. The best method for washing your hands is to soap them up together thoroughly and then rinse under warm water for 30 seconds. To know how thorough a job you have done, inspect the skin on your hands after you have dried them. They should be smooth; the pads of your fingertips should be able to glide over each other relatively easily. Before the oils have been removed – before you have washed your hands – they’ll be just slightly sticky, and you’ll be able to create much more friction between the pads of your fingertips.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have access soap, water and a hygienic place to dry our hands. That’s why hand sanitiser was created. Sanitising your hands doesn’t replace the need for washing your hands when you can, but instead helps keep your hands free of germs when you aren’t able to access water and soap. It’s considered a good personal hygiene practice to combine both the powerful germ-removing power of soap and water with hand sanitiser while out in public spaces. For sanitiser to be effective, it needs to contain at least 60% alcohol. the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ gel range of sanitisers, are all made with not less than 70% v/v ethanol (alcohol). Which kills 99.9% of germs on your hands and does not need to be rinsed off.

Often, especially in public spaces, washing our hands is not the best way to stay clear of dangerous germs because we have to use more surfaces and products that are also being used by everybody else. Even if we have successfully washed away the germs, using a hand dryer or opening a door when leaving the restroom can potentially expose us immediately to a new set of germs. That’s why its handy to always carry a hand sanitiser with you. Rather than risk the chance of re-contaminating your hands, use your own hand sanitiser while in public spaces. You can apply and reapply as often as you need to – ideally after touching shared surfaces and objects. You can be sure when using Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand sanitisers that you are using an effective germ killer that won’t dry out your skin or leave a sticky residue.

Not all hand sanitisers are made alike. As mentioned before, to remain effective a hand sanitiser should contain at least 60% alcohol. This ensures that the alcohol is concentrated enough to actively kill germs when you use it on your hands. When you buy from the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ gel range of hand sanitisers, you’re buying an effective, locally made range of products in South Western Sydney.

We are an online only wholesaler able to offer our online customers a range of products designed specifically to be as useful and effective as possible. Our handy travel sizes fit comfortably in most bags like handbags, gym bags, laptop bags and our bulk commercial hand sanitiser is available in many sizes which ensure that everyone in the office, retail spaces or any shared spaces, can have access to sanitiser. We also have hand sanitiser stations ready for dispatch. These are perfect in highly accessible areas ideally located in high traffic areas like entry and exit points. Employees and customers should use hand sanitiser upon entering and exiting a workplace. This ensures that they are able to kill 99.9% of germs that may have been on their hands including of any germs they are carrying into a space, and to ensure that they are able to remove any germs they may carry out of public spaces too. When everybody thinks and acts in these small ways, we can ensure that germs and bacteria remain contained.

Even though hand sanitiser is necessary, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t feel and smell good. All of our Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand sanitiser gel comes with a refreshing and uplifting aloe fragrance. You can not only stay safe and help to keep others safe by using our hand sanitiser products, but also enjoy the fresh, clean fragrance of refreshing aloe every time that you do. Allow the scent of fresh aloe help you remember to do your part and keep Australia safe by spreading good vibes rather than dangerous germs.

As an online only wholesaler, you buy direct from the actual manufacturer when you buy from the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range*. Not only does this mean that you get a great price across our entire range of products, you also get delivery to metropolitan areas with 24 hours. If you’re in a sudden and desperate need of hand sanitiser and other antibacterial cleaning products, then we are the company who can get you what you need as soon as possible and at a great price. We ship to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Order online now from our complete range of hand sanitiser, multi-purpose cleaner, antibacterial spray products and hand sanitising dispensers to do your part in the war against spreading germs. Spread good vibes and the awareness of our need to step up and protect our fellow Australians with Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ sanitisers.

*Our range of antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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