Antibacterial spray 300g

Antibacterial spray 300g

Perfect for deodorises and disinfecting surfaces in the office, kitchens, bathrooms, and around rubbish bins.


Alcohol, Butane, Water, Propane, Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrite


⦁ Killss 99.9% of germs
⦁ Antibacterial
⦁ Fresh floral fragrance
⦁ Australian Made


75 x 210mm

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"Our Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Antibacterial Spray is perfect for deodorising and disinfecting surfaces in the office and home including the kitchen, bathroom and around rubbish bins. It is antibacterial, killing up to 99.9% of germs and contains a fresh floral scent. Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Antibacterial Spray is made in Australia and easy to use. Simply, shake well and hold container upright, 15cm to 20cm away from surface. This product is not to be used on skin.

To disinfect simply, hold the can upright and spray pre-cleaned surface until wet. Allow to stand for 10 minutes to air dry. To deodorise simply, spray towards the centre of room or onto surface as required."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Antibacterial Spray?

Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Antibacterial Spray is made in Australia and easy to use. Simply, shake well and hold container upright, 15cm to 20cm away from surface.
- To disinfect: Hold can upright and spray pre-cleaned surface until wet. Then allow to stand for 10 minutes to air dry.
- To deodorise: Spray towards centre of room or onto surface as required.

Can i use the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Antibacterial Spray on my skin?

No, this product is not to be used on skin.

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Antibacterial Spray

Buy antibacterial spray online in bulk and at wholesale prices direct from the manufacturer*. We are the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range of sanitisers including multi purpose cleaner and antibacterial spray, as well as 1L hand sanitiser and hand sanitising wipes. Our hand sanitiser is 100% Australian made in our plant in South West Sydney. While we don’t have a shop front which you can visit, we do offer fast metro delivery times of just 24 hours as well as free shipping for orders over $250. We ship to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

What is antibacterial spray?

Antibacterial spray is a multi purpose spray designed to kill 99.99% of germs fast when sprayed on surfaces. It contains a range of germ killing ingredients like alcohol, sodium benzoate and sodium nitrate. These chemicals work to destroy germs and dangerous bacteria, acting as cleaning and antifungal agents without discrimination. You can spray your antibacterial spray on shared surfaces, around bins and other areas likely to generate a lot of bacteria, as well as in office environments, kitchens and bathrooms. It doesn’t need to be wiped down afterward. Simply spray the area you want to keep clean and walk away. You can also use our range of antibacterial wipes wholesale for quick surface cleaning.

The way that we all live and operate now has changed forever. Never before have we seen how quickly and how devastating the spread of harmful bacteria can really be in our technologically advanced society. Although lock down procedures and protocols are capable of reducing how much time we spend in public spaces, it isn’t enough on its own to curb the spread of harmful germs. We need to keep the public spaces that we are still regularly using as safe as possible and that’s where things like antibacterial spray are the most effective.

Because we are such tactile creatures, we spend a lot of waking hours in constant physical contact with other people, with commonly used surfaces and in just generally exploring our physical world. All of our senses are combined to give us as thorough an experience of the world as we can possibly process. Our sense of touch works with the other senses to define important information for us like the temperature of objects, the weight and smell of things so we can determine the best way to interact with them. Most of this behaviour is completely unconscious. For example, studies have shown that upon meeting a new person or a person we haven’t seen for a while, we will quickly find a natural excuse to touch our faces just after we have been in contact with someone. This is so we’re able to catch the other person’s scent and decide how we feel emotionally about them. It’s more of a hangover from a less sophisticated past but it still plays a vital role in our sense of connection with others. If anything has taught us how important that sense of connection really is, it’s the moment that we’re told that we need to minimise our connections and contacts.

We’re not going to be able to change our unconscious behaviours, but we can make conscious decisions about how we interact with ourselves and others. The most effective way of reducing our capacity for spreading harmful germs to one another is by using things like antibacterial spray and other types of sanitisers including gels. Keeping a handy travel size hand sanitiser on you at all times will help you to remember to use it as often as possible while in public spaces and high traffic areas.

The most effective way, by far, for getting rid of germs and bacteria from our skins is with a strict and thorough personal hygiene routine, as advised by the Australian government’s Department of Health. After eating, after using the bathroom and after using shared areas like kitchens, reception areas, shopping trolleys, etc, we should all be washing our hands. The optimum way of washing our hands is to take at least 30 seconds to thoroughly scrub our entire hand and to use warm water and soap. The combination of warm water and soap is a powerful and effective way of removing germs from our hands but not of killing them. Soap is not naturally capable of destroying germs. Instead, what it does is break down the natural oils on our skin in which bacteria can live and thrive. Its soluble properties break down the oils, with the help of warm water, and then wash away the oils and the bacteria within it harmlessly down the drain.

You will notice that immediately after washing your hands, the skin on your palms and finger tips are much smoother. Those natural oils that we generate are actually very important for helping us to navigate our physical world. They create friction between our skin and the objects that we are touching, allowing us to pick them up and use them. Natural oils are good for us and healthy, it’s what can get trapped in them that is the worrying part.

Similarly, shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms must be used by everyone. They are vitally important facilities that we all have a need for. The only sustainable way of ensuring that everybody is able to attend public spaces, use shared facilities and safely interact with one another is by remaining vigilant of the risks that we all pose one another. By shouldering the responsibility of our own personal cleaning, we can reduce the chance of us spreading unwanted bacteria.

Our range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ sanitising products and antibacterial spray is designed to offer you the best way to keep things like shared surfaces, fabric and facilities as clear of germs and unwanted bacteria as possible. We all want to ensure that we can interact and connect with one another. We all want to keep our workplaces open and enjoyable places to be. We all want to continue to use public entertainment spaces and other shared facilities like gyms, movie theatres, restaurants and cafes. These are the spaces in which we are our most human. These are the spaces in which we learn about the world, interact with it, find meaningful connections with other individuals and relax. Keep your space and yourself as clean and free of infection as you can and trust everyone else to do the same with visible touch free sanitiser dispensers and easy online ordering for refills. Our combined efforts will ensure that the world remains open and safe enough for all of us to enjoy.

Our complete range of products is available to buy online right now. We don’t have a shop front that you can come directly to. Instead, we are the Australian manufacturers and suppliers of an essential range of antibacterial products. This means that we can offer you direct to the public prices and bulk order quantities. We arrange for fast metro shipping, getting you your order of antibacterial spray and sanitiser within 24 hours. Purchase commercial hand sanitiser while you’re there and a hand sanitiser station to install in your workplace. Have it by entrances and exits where people can avail themselves of a fast acting germ killer as they arrive and as they leave, ensuring that they don’t spread anything after visiting your space.

Order now online and have your bulk antibacterial spray delivered fast.

*Our range of antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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