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Cheap Hand Sanitiser Vs. Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only

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What’s the difference between a good quality hand sanitiser and a not-so good quality hand sanitiser? The year of 2020 saw the importance of sanitising increase daily; and yet, so many of us are unaware of the detrimental differences between using a cheap hand sanitiser and a quality product, with quality ingredients. Read on to discover the glaring differences between cheap sanitisers and Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only.

We’ve all become well-accustomed to using hand sanitiser by now – 2020 was a year of grasping the importance of cleanliness and sanitisation; forcing us all to learn how to properly wash our hands and use hand sanitiser upon entering, leaving or touching anything.

If you’ve gone back to work or daily activities, you’ll have found that hand sanitiser is now be stationed at every corner. If you’re continuing to work or do anything from home, you’ve likely also stocked up on hand sanitiser personally. Whatever the case, we’re all after the same thing: good quality hand sanitiser.

Cheap hand sanitisers may appear as an appealing option, allowing you to save on pennies and look after your health at the same time. However, this is not the case! Unfortunately, while cheap products seem like a great idea from the surface, low-quality hand sanitisers can actually do more harm than good in practice.

When you shop the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only hand sanitiser, you can guarantee that you will receive a high-quality, affordable product that will keep you, your home, and your workplace safe.

Knowing the difference between cheap hand sanitiser and Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only hand sanitiser is an important step in keeping your health safe, your hands safe and ultimately, germs at bay.

What Is Cheap Hand Sanitiser?

At first, glance, buying cheap hand sanitiser products might seem like a cost-effective option to keep you and your staff safe at work. However, the cheaper option will never be worth the risk.

What many people are unaware of when they buy cheap hand sanitiser gel is that manufacturers cut costs by using methanol instead of ethanol in their products because it is cheaper to produce. Let’s not forget: Methanol can be toxic to humans.

Cheap hand sanitisers also rarely contain ingredients that help to moisturise and counteract the drying effect of ethanol (alcohol). This can leave your hands feeling dry, rough, and even damaged after long-term use. High-quality ethanol-based sanitisers like Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only are highly effective in leaving your hands both germ-free and smelling great.

How Do Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only Make Their Sanitiser?

Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ is proudly Australian owned and all our sanitiser gel products are manufactured here in NSW, Australia. *

Science has shown that alcohol is one of the most effective germ killers available.

Once the alcohol is made, it is mixed with water, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Triethanolamine, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross Polymer, and aloe or citrus fragrance.

Once the quality of the finished hand sanitiser mixture has passed quality, the sanitiser is bottled, labelled, and packed into cartons ready to be shipped across Australia.

Cheap Hand Sanitiser vs. Stay Safe: What’s the Difference?

The key differences between cheap sanitiser and Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only hand sanitiser are:

1. Quality

2. Ingredients

The alcohol used in hand sanitisers is the most expensive ingredient within making hand sanitisers. However, the alcohol also the most important in ensuring it is an effective and safe product. As such, quality and ingredients go hand in hand when considering an effective sanitising product.

What makes cheap hand sanitisers synonymous with dodgy hand sanitisers? Cheap hand sanitiser manufacturers cut corners on the alcohol they use to save money and ultimately, offer a cheap product. This means that instead of ethanol, cheaper options like methanol are used. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to detect the difference between methanol and ethanol for the average person simply by sight or smell. However, methanol can be toxic if used on the skin or consumed internally.

Here at Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only, we understand that high-quality ingredients make a high-quality product, and we ensure that all of our sanitisers use safe, tested and effective ethanol.

What Happens When I Use Cheap Hand Sanitiser?

When you use cheap hand sanitiser, you’re putting yourself and the people around you at risk. Cheap hand sanitisers often have misleading labels, ineffective alcohol concentrations, and contain dangerous chemicals.

An additional downside of using cheap hand sanitiser gel is that most don’t contain any type of moisturising ingredients. The alcohol that makes hand sanitiser effective against bacteria also makes it quite harsh and drying for the skin. To combat these effects, high-quality hand sanitisers like Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only use top-notch ingredients to avoid leaving your hands dry after each use.

Cheaper versions of hand sanitisers that use methanol instead of ethanol alcohol can cause rashes, skin infections, and allergies due to the use of such sanitisers. As methanol-based hand sanitiser can be toxic if consumed or absorbed through the skin, contact can adversely affect the central nervous system, causing headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, and drowsiness.

Children, who are more likely to accidentally consume hand sanitiser in the first place, are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of methanol. Even topical application can be dangerous for children, who have a greater ratio of skin surface area to body weight when compared with adults.

Cheap hand sanitiser options also may not reach the 60% alcohol threshold that makes sanitiser effective. At Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only, we make sure that all our sanitising products have a concentration of at least 70% alcohol to guarantee effectiveness against nasty germs.

Cheap hand sanitiser vs stay safe

Why You Should Choose Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only

When you choose Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only, you can take pride in supporting an Australian-owned company and buying Australian-made* products.

Here at Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only, our number one priority is to help to protect Australians. We strive to deliver a high-quality, affordable product and get everyone back working together as a team safely.

We want to create safe homes and workplaces by offering a diverse range of products and hand sanitising options to suit all your needs. From 2g personal sachets, 50ml travel bottles, 50 pack wipes, or industrial 5L containers, we’ve got you and your hand sanitiser needs covered. Forget trying to find the cheapest hand sanitiser, shop the affordable range of sanitising products that you know you can trust. Shop Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only today.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in China.