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Hand Gel Sanitiser

Hand gel sanitiser is an effective germ killer. It kills 99.99% of germs fast. We have developed the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand gel sanitiser and antibacterial cleaning products to ensure that everybody across Australia has access to affordable sanitisers to help them spread good vibes only. As a manufacturer, we sell wholesale and direct to the public which means that you can not only get commercial hand sanitiser and bulk quantities of our antibacterial spray, you also get supplier pricing when you order with us. We offer free shipping on orders over $250 so buy in bulk and save.

Why is hand get sanitiser so good at destroying germs?

We have known for a long time that not a lot survives in alcohol. Alcohol has been used as a preserving agent for centuries – and still is! – but it turns out that it’s also an excellent base for antibacterial hand sanitiser. Not only does alcohol protect perishable items from bacteria, it also actively destroys bacteria upon contact. To be an effective high strength formula sanitiser gel, your instant hand sanitiser needs to have an alcohol base of at least 60% v/v. Anything less than that does not work as effectively which is why all of our sanitisers are made with no less than 70% v/v alcohol, offering you maximum protection every time you use it.


What is the best way to use sanitiser gel?

The Australian government’s Department of Health recommends that the most effective way of keeping your hands germ free is to wash them thoroughly for at least 30 seconds, using both warm water and soap. Ordinary soap is not an antibacterial agent, but it is a solvent which makes it very good at breaking down oils and grease. Our hands naturally create oils to help us achieve friction with our physical environment. This friction helps us to pick up and inspect objects and the pads of our finger tips are highly sensitive to touch helping us to understand things like temperature and textures.

Because we’re naturally equipped in this way, we spend a lot of time touching our physical environment, including ourselves, every day. Not only do we touch things like door handles, windows and common appliances, we also touch our faces a lot as well. There have been studies which show that humans are still as reliant on our sense of smell as we have ever been, highlighting automatic behaviours we all do like touching our faces after touching something new in an effort to capture its scent, even if we don’t remember actually doing it. This entirely automated behaviour gives us as much information about whatever it is we’re doing and wherever it is that we are. However, it can also be quite dangerous when there are harmful germs in the environment.

You’ll also find that automatic gestures like stroking your face or running your hands through your hair occur multiple times throughout the day. We tend also to rub our hands together a lot as well. Your hands go everywhere so it’s no wonder that harmful germs are so good at using us to spread throughout the larger community. To ensure that you’re maintaining the cleanest surfaces both at home and in the workplace, use our range of antibacterial products regularly.

After washing your hands thoroughly, dry your hands using a disposable paper towel or a touch free hand dryer. If you’re in a public space that means that you’ll have a few more surfaces to touch before you’re back out of it again. To keep you safe, ensure that you have some hand gel sanitiser on you at all times.

Our hand sanitiser is available to buy in a range of sizes from travel size 50ml tubes through to larger 500ml, 1L hand sanitiser bottles and even 5 litre sizes. This ensures that we have a size perfect for everybody and every use. When you purchase our commercial hand sanitiser, you can also purchase a touch free hand sanitiser station. This dispenser is designed to be used by everybody and offers you a completely contactless way of getting the hand gel sanitiser that you need, delivering the perfect amount every time.

To use your hand gel sanitiser, squeeze an almond sized portion on to your hand and then spread and rub. It’s important to ensure that you cover your entire hand and rub it over the back of your hands as well as into the palm of your hands and finger tips. Rub quickly as it goes on slimy and air dries. Alcohol is highly evaporative, so it doesn’t leave any residue once exposed to the air and then air dries quickly. We have formulated our Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range of hand gel sanitiser to leave a pleasant aloe fragrance after use so it leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean.

If we’re all committed to doing our small part to keep harmful germs contained, we can ensure that Australia remains a safe and healthy community, right across the country. When we enter new spaces and when we leave is the ideal time to use hand gel sanitiser. This way you’re not carrying in dangerous germs or leaving a space with them either.

The key to managing dangerous germs is to minimise exposure and increase our ability to contain germs. When they are contained, they can be deep cleaned away again or you can use our antibacterial wipes and spray to destroy them in-situ. Our hand sanitising wipes are just as effective at killing germs on both our bodies as well as other surfaces like tables, doors, plastics and appliances. You can keep a handy soft packet of antibacterial wipes bulk in your handbag, nappy bag, in the car and around the home. They are pre moistened meaning they are ready to be used on a range of surfaces, including the floor, the moment you pull them out of the packet. When you are finished using the wipe, dispose of it in a garbage bin and keep that clean with our multi purpose cleaner.

When you buy from us, you’re buying locally. We manufacture our hand gel sanitiser on site at our plant located in South Western Sydney. We don’t have a shop front that you can come and visit which also means that you can’t click and collect your online order from us. We understand that these challenging times mean that you want your antibacterial products, including our hand gel sanitiser, as soon as possible. We’re committed to ensuring that we offer our customers a super fast delivery time of 24 hours to metropolitan areas throughout Australia so that includes Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We offer free shipping on orders over $250 and because you can purchase your hand gel sanitiser, including refills, in bulk quantities from us, it’s easy to save big and get all of the sanitiser you and your family needs.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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Lowest prices

Lowest prices

Buy directly from the manufacturer

Buy directly from the manufacturer

100% Australian-made

100% Australian-made

Free shipping over $250

Free shipping over $250

Hand sanitiser sachet 2g

A convenient single use sachet for when you’re out and about

per carton of 600
($0.13 each)

Hand sanitiser 50ml

Perfect for your handbag or compendium when you’re on the go.

per carton of 48
($1.67 each)

Hand sanitiser 500ml

Perfect for shared common areas around the office

per carton of 8
($5.00 each)

Hand sanitiser 1l

Perfect for shared common areas around the office

per carton of 12
($7.50 each)

Hand sanitiser 5l

Great for refilling 500mL and 1L containers to save on packaging waste

per carton of 2
($36.00 each)

Hand sanitising wipes 50 pack

A resealable pack keeps the wipes moist, ready when you are.

per carton of 24
($4.20 each)
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How we make our hand sanitiser

The Stay Safe spread good vibes only™ range has been designed by Australia’s largest manufacturer of hand sanitisers. Our hygiene products are specifically developed to enable Australian businesses to return to work safely – adopting new protocols to safeguard employees. If you are looking for made in Australia hand sanitisers then you have come to the right place. We are the largest suppliers of hand sanitisers in Australia. Now you can buy hand sanitisers online and buy in bulk.