Hand sanitiser 1l

Hand sanitiser 1l

Perfect for shared common areas around the office


Alcohol, Aqua, PEG-40
Hydrogenated Castor Oil,
Triethanolamine, Acrylates/C10-30
Alkyl Acrylate Cross Polymer,


⦁ 70% v/v ethanol
⦁ Kills 99.9% of germs
⦁ Antibacterial
⦁ Leaves no sticky residue
⦁ Dries quickly
⦁ Aloe fragrance
⦁ Australian Made


80 x 270mm

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1L Hand Sanitiser

Are you looking for large size 1L hand sanitiser to use at work or around the home? We offer a range of Australian made range of hand sanitisers as well as other cleaning products, including multi purpose cleaner, that delivers a powerful cocktail of natural ingredients that kills 99.99% of germs fast. We are not a click and collect shop front but the actual manufacturer and supplier selling direct to the public at bulk prices*. It’s important to ensure that you have readily available high strength formula hand sanitiser in public spaces which is why we offer a fast 24 hour delivery time for metro areas.

The recent changes to our lives, not only in Australia but right around the world, are here to stay for a while and there’s no denying that. While we all have to do our part to slow and eventually stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria, we also need to function within society. That means more than just going out for groceries and the bare essentials. It means more than just heading into work every day too. To ensure that we have spaces available to us to relax within and enjoy, we need to make those spaces safe. We ship our range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

The danger of reducing our personal hygiene has never been more intense so we all have to do our part to slow and eventually stop the spread of harmful bacteria. The most effective means of doing this is by washing our hands with warm water and soap after we have touched public surfaces, used the toilet and after we have eaten. This is Australian government guidelines designed to keep us as healthy as possible. The access we had to spaces where we were able to that is sometimes limited which is why portable hand sanitiser gel, like a travel size bottle, should be available to you at all times, particularly in public. Keeping our hands clean and clear of bacteria helps not only ourselves and our loved ones, but the rest of the world as well.

While soap is a not a germ killer precisely, it’s a very effective germ remover. The combination of soap and warm water helps to shift the natural oils on our skin in which bacteria like to live and cling to. You don’t so much kill that bacteria when you wash and dry your hands as much as you remove it and let it harmlessly drain away with the rest of the waste water. Hand sanitiser like our 1L hand sanitiser refills are there for when you don’t have access to warm water and soap or for when there isn’t a safe space in which to dry your hands. Using sanitiser regularly in conjunction with your hand washing will keep you even safer.

While it’s great that everybody in public spaces is adhering as strictly as possible to the wash your hands routine, this can actually make public spaces like restrooms another hazard. Using commercial hand sanitiser provided by the caretakers of the public space that you’re using, or your own handy travel sized hand sanitiser, removes this problem. You can use a public restroom and wash your hands thoroughly afterward then, once you have left the space, use your antibacterial hand sanitiser or hand sanitising wipes to remain completely germ free. The same goes for workspaces. After you have used communal facilities like the bathroom, the kitchen or break out areas for your break, you can wash and dry your hands and then add a dab of hand sanitiser to really finish the job off. Building and spreading the word about this quick and easy habit is exactly what we’re talking about when we say we want you to stay safe and to spread the good vibes only.

The active ingredient in hand sanitiser and antibacterial spray is alcohol. This is a very powerful germ killing chemical and it’s capable of killing 99.99% of germs that it comes into contact with. Alcohol is often used as preservation chemical because of this reason but while it can protect something from being touched by germs, it can also kill the germs it comes into contact with, like the germs on your hands. Our high strength formula contains 70% v/v ethanol (alcohol). Any hand sanitiser with less than 60% alcohol is not effective so if you are looking for hand sanitisers, ensure that you are always choosing the highest strength available.

Our 1L hand sanitiser is used just like any other sanitiser and can be placed within a touch free dispenser. It can be placed on a hand sanitiser stand which makes it accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. Ideally, these stations should be placed at the entrances and exits of public spaces to ensure that people who come into the space are germ free and that they remain that way as they leave again. To use the hand sanitiser, simply squeeze an almond sized amount on to your hands and then rub it over the back of your hands, making sure to spread and rub it thoroughly into the skin on your hands and finger tips.

While contact with your skin, your hand sanitiser will feel sticky at first. Continue to rub it across your skin and as you move it around your flesh, it becomes less sticky and air dries quickly. All of our sanitisers are designed to leave a faint and uplifting aloe aroma so that it leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean.

Buy your 1L hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes wholesale online now from our Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range of cleansers and enjoy bulk buy prices and fast delivery.

*Our range of antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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