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Hand Sanitiser Melbourne

Shop locally-made* hand sanitiser Melbourne products from the experts – choose to Stay Safe and Spread Good Vibes Only. Manufactured in south-west Sydney, we’re an Australian owned and direct provider of exceptional hand sanitiser Melbourne products. Shop our full range of hand sanitisers, antibacterial spray, multipurpose sprays and germ-killing sanitisers today to Stay Safe & Spread Good Vibes Only.

Our products provide a solution to minimise germs and prevent the spread of nasties. Designed to equip Melbourne businesses with the necessary tools to safely come back to work, Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only delivers a range of hand sanitiser Melbourne products used throughout your home, office, and public and your commercial space.

Lowest prices

Lowest prices

Buy directly from the manufacturer

Buy directly from the manufacturer

100% Australian-made

100% Australian-made

Free shipping over $250

Free shipping over $250

Hand sanitiser sachet 2g

The single-use 2g hand sanitiser sachet 2g is convenient for when you’re out and about. Compact enough to keep anywhere from your wallet, back pocket, or carry bag, this is a perfect way to ensure you remain protected from germs in every situation.

per carton of 600
($0.10 each)

Hand sanitiser 50ml

This product is perfect for your carry bag, laptop case or handbag when you’re on the go. Perfectly sized and conveniently shaped, the 50ml Hand Sanitiser Bulk packages are a versatile hygiene product that can keep your workplace safe at mass.

per carton of 48
($1.25 each)

Hand sanitiser 500ml

The bulk hand sanitiser 500mL 8 pack carton is the perfect size for shared common areas around the office and other communal spaces. Conveniently bulk packaged to last, it’s a fantastic way to stay safe in the workplace and spread good vibes only.

per carton of 8
($5.00 each)

Hand sanitiser 1l

The Hand Sanitiser 1L gel is the perfect size for small workspaces and use in busy households. This 1 Litre Hand Sanitiser is an excellent addition to any shared spaces to ensure all users’ safety.  

per carton of 12
($7.50 each)

Hand sanitiser 5l

Are you managing a large workspace or managing a busy household? Our Hand Sanitiser 5L packages are excellent for refilling 500mL and 1L containers and save on packaging waste.

per carton of 2
($36 each)

Hand sanitising wipes 50 pack

Our hand sanitising wipes come in a convenient resealable 50 pack that keeps the wipes moist throughout the day. In a portable travel-size plastic package, these hand sanitising wipes are ready whenever you are!

per carton of 24
($3.33 each)
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How we make our hand sanitiser

As the manufacturer and supplier of leading antibacterial products, we’re able to offer our customers bulk wholesale prices and quantities. Our range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ includes multipurpose cleaner, sanitiser spray, touch-free hand sanitiser stations and refills. Our products are designed to offer maximum protection against harmful bacteria for domestic and commercial purposes.

Let’s band together and help the community get back to a ‘new normal’ life, with the right hand sanitiser Melbourne products that will work to protect against germs. Most importantly, let’s keep the most vulnerable members of our community free from harm by working together to stop the spread. Let’s get back to the activities Melbournians love the most – using shared recreational areas, attending the gym, the movie theatre and supporting our local cafes. Uniting as a community, we can Stay Safe and Spread Good Vibes Only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

Our hand sanitiser is a gel antibacterial hand sanitiser that rapidly eliminates 99.9% of germs. Once applied, the hand sanitiser dries within a few seconds. Alcohol is the active ingredient that hand sanitiser Melbourne manufacturers use to destroy germs. The TGA has stated that you should look for a formulation of at least 60% alcohol in hand sanitiser products.

Our laboratory technicians have designed our hand gel sanitiser with 70% v/v ethanol to ensure that our hand sanitiser provides increased protection with every use. Alcohol is the active ingredient used in hand sanitiser to effectively reduce the risk of the transmission of harmful germs.

Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ is a reliable hand sanitiser Melbourne individuals and businesses can trust to reduce the spread of germs. We offer a comprehensive range of travel-sized hand sanitisers, from 50 ml for individual use and up to 5 litres for commercial purposes. We have provided a wide selection of sizes for our customers’ convenience to suit various purposes. We want to help you protect yourself and your family, staff and friends. That’s why you can order direct from us online, in a variety of sizes.

Where to Buy Hand Sanitiser Melbourne?

Within the Stay Safe and Spread Good Vibes Only online store, of course!

We’re an Australian owned and direct provider of the some of the best hand sanitiser Melbourne has to offer. Our full range is available to shop online and includes hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and multipurpose sprays. We understand that organisations, large and small, are doing their best to maintain their workspaces and personnel’s health and safety. As a token of our appreciation for everyone doing their bit to help Melbourne resume regular activities, we offer fantastic savings for orders over $250.

We manufacture our hand sanitiser in South Western Sydney. As a result of being locally based in Australia, we can deliver to metropolitan areas in Melbourne within 24 hours, direct from our factory in Sydney. Metropolitan areas include Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, Frankston, St Kilda, Bundoora, Dandenong, Werribee, Docklands, Southbank, Port Melbourne. Beyond Melbourne, we also deliver across Australia, including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

What Else Do Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Offer?

Along with being an effective hand sanitiser Melbourne community members trust, you can also browse and buy from our range of antibacterial wipes. The antibacterial wipes come in a soft packet and are pre-moistened and treated with a highly effective cleanser.

They are suitable to keep in your handbag, desk drawer, nappy bags, laptop bags or in the car to ensure that they are always at your disposal whenever required. Our antibacterial wipes double as an effective surface cleaner and can be used to wipe public spaces, office surfaces or spaces throughout your home.

How Else Can I Stop the Spread of Harmful Bacteria?

The most recent global events have demonstrated how rapidly harmful germs can spread and have irrevocable impacts on the community. The Australian Department of Health recommends washing your hands with warm water and regular soap as frequently as possible to contain and control the spread of dangerous bacteria. They have also endorsed social distancing. Social distancing ensures that we remain socially distant from all other community members and eliminate physical contact with everyone to help stop the spread of germs.

The Australian Department of Health recommends washing your hands thoroughly for 30 seconds from start to finish. Although you might believe you’re reaching the 30-second threshold, we recommend timing yourself washing your hands once with a timer to ensure you’re washing your hands for the recommended 30 seconds. You might be surprised at just how long it takes to meet the recommended time washing your hands!

When washing your hands with soap and warm water, it’s essential to be thorough in removing the dirt and the natural oils on your hands, particularly on your fingertips and under your fingernails. Washing hands rigorously is recommended as it removes the natural oils that bacteria love to cling to and multiply. Using warm water helps break those natural oils down even further, ensuring they have washed away with the wastewater.

For the best health and hygiene practices, we recommend applying hand sanitiser once your hands are sufficiently washed and dried. Hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs and is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of harmful bacteria. These situations are when your travel-sized hand sanitiser is particularly useful. It fits neatly into handbags, backpacks and even your pocket. Therefore, it’s convenient and easy to use once you’ve exited any unsanitary locations or where you may have experienced increased exposure to bacteria.

How Do I Use Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Hand Sanitiser?

For best results, squeeze an almond-sized amount of the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand sanitiser on to your hand. Spread and rub the gel over your hands, including the back of your hands, then leave your hands to air dry. Although we recommend using an almond-sized amount, remember that different sized hands may require more or less hand sanitiser to cover the entire surface area effectively.

There are no rules that apply to how often you should apply Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand sanitiser. The formula will have no adverse impacts on your health – only good vibes. The active ingredient in the hand sanitiser is alcohol. We have included a minimum of 70% v/v alcohol to create an effective product which kills 99.9% of germs with one goal in mind: to help Melbournians get back to a new normal.

The main attribute of the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand sanitiser Melbourne community members love the most is that it has a pleasant fragrance. Our quick-dry sanitiser leaves nothing but a refreshing and hygienically clean smell on your hands. Say goodbye to cheap, nasty hand sanitiser. Order the best smelling hand sanitiser Melbourne residents trust to keep them safe.

Why Should I Choose Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™?

Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ is a trusted hand sanitiser that individuals, households, business owners and commercial managers rely on to protect their community. Our hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes are 99.99% effective at rapidly killing germs.

It’s easy to forget that humans are behind a large company like Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™. But as local community members, we also understand that the world in which we live has shifted monumentally. We are now forced to be mindful of the places we visit, and of our hygiene standards. It’s no longer just our health, or the health of our immediate family members that should concern us. We need to think about the wider community, who all deserve to move freely throughout Melbourne. Even our most vulnerable community members are entitled to complete daily tasks without grave concerns for their welfare. You can make small differences every day by the simple action of washing your hands thoroughly and following up with the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ hand sanitiser for best results.

Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ was created with one goal in mind; to keep our Melbourne community safe. Our hand sanitiser provides protection against germs by killing germs. Selecting Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ is a powerful and convenient way to prevent the spread of germs.Order hand sanitiser online now and enjoy fast metro delivery across Melbourne.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in China.