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Hand Sanitiser Melbourne

Buy locally and purchase hand sanitiser Melbourne online direct from the manufacturer located in South West Sydney*. We don’t just sell hand sanitiser, either. Our range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ sanitisers, including multi purpose cleaner and sanitiser spray, are all designed to offer you maximum protection against harmful bacteria. Use our range of products throughout your home and your office; in public spaces and in the car. Because we are the manufacturer and the supplier of our antibacterial cleansers, we can offer our customers bulk wholesale prices and quantities. You even save on shipping when you spend over $250.

We all have a responsibility, not only to ourselves but to our friends, family and our neighbours, to ensure we are trying to minimise the spread of dangerous germs. When everybody is doing their part to spread good vibes only, we can effectively control the transmission of dangerous germs and keep one another safe. Our range of cleansers are designed to help you do exactly that. We want to help Aussies spread good vibes only and we’re doing our part by supplying you with high quality antibacterial cleaners and sanitisers.

We offer highly effective cleaning products and sanitisers, including a touch free hand sanitiser station and refills. This contactless dispenser delivers the exact quantity of cleanser you need automatically and can be placed at entrances and exits to remind people to ensure they use sanitisers upon entering new spaces and leaving them again throughout Melbourne.

We all love our outdoor and public spaces like the gym, the movie theatre and our local cafes, so let’s all band together to keep those spaces as safe as possible using hand sanitiser Melbourne as often as possible while out in public.


How does hand sanitiser work?

Our hand sanitiser is a gel antibacterial hand sanitiser that feels a bit sticky to use at first but air dries within a few seconds. It kills 99.99% of germs fast. Bacteria, like harmful germs, are not able to survive in alcohol and that’s why it’s the active ingredient in hand sanitiser Melbourne. To be an effective alcohol hand sanitiser, the gel formulation must contain at least 60% v/v ethanol (alcohol) which is why we have designed our hand gel sanitiser with 70% v/v ethanol, offering you maximum protection with every use. Other areas you are likely to see alcohol being used to contain germs is in hospitals. Medical professionals use hand sanitising wipes to help reduce the spread of infection during treatment.

We offer a range of sizes including mini and travel sized versions in 50ml through to 500ml, 1L hand sanitiser and up to 5 litre commercial hand sanitiser. We want to help you protect yourself and your family, staff and friends. That’s why you can order a range of quantities direct from us online.


Where to buy hand sanitiser Melbourne?

Because we are the manufacturer and the supplier, we don’t have store that you come to nor are we able to offer our customers a click and collect order system. However, when you buy online from us, you can save on shipping for orders over $250. We also deliver to metropolitan areas in Melbourne within 24 hours direct from our plant in South Western Sydney. Metropolitan areas include Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, Frankston, St Kilda, Bundoora, Dandenong, Werribee, Docklands, Southbank, Port Melbourne. Beyond Melbourne, we also deliver across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Along with hand sanitiser Melbourne, you can also browse and buy from our range of antibacterial wipes. Your antibacterial wipes bulk come in a handy soft packet and each wipe is pre moistened and treated with highly effective cleanser. You can keep them in nappy bags, laptop bags and in the car so that they’re always to hand when you need them. They are also useable on surfaces as a surface cleaner too. Use them to wipe down public spaces or spaces throughout your home. Keep a packet in the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room and give your hands a quick clean after meals, after washing your hands and after touching public surfaces.

The most recent events throughout the world have shown us exactly how quickly harmful germs can spread. The Australian Department of Health has recommended the use of warm water and normal soap and washing your hands as often as you possibly can in an effort to contain and control the spread of dangerous bacteria. They have also suggested that we must try to minimise how often we touch our faces and we should not touch strangers, not even a quick handshake.

When you’re washing your hands, you should be taking about 30 seconds from start to finish. This might seem a bit longer than you normally take but it’s important to be thorough. Lather up your hands and scrub them together to remove dirt and the natural oils on your hands, particularly on your finger tips. It is within these oils that bacteria clings and breeds. Using warm water helps to break those natural oils down even further, ensuring they really are washed away with the wastewater.

When you have finished washing and drying your hands, that’s when you should be using your hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of germs when its used so use your travel sized hand sanitiser, which fits neatly into handbags, backpacks and even your pocket, after you’ve left public amenities. Just squeeze an almond sized amount on to your hand and then spread and rub the gel over your skin. Ensure that you rub over the back of your hands and then leave your hands to air dry. The formula goes on a bit sticky at first but because its active ingredient is alcohol, it air dries quickly and leave behind a pleasant aloe fragrance that leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean.

Order hand sanitiser Melbourne online now and enjoy fast metro delivery across Melbourne.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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Lowest prices

Lowest prices

Buy directly from the manufacturer

Buy directly from the manufacturer

100% Australian-made

100% Australian-made

Free shipping over $250

Free shipping over $250

Hand sanitiser sachet 2g

A convenient single use sachet for when you’re out and about

per carton of 600
($0.13 each)

Hand sanitiser 50ml

Perfect for your handbag or compendium when you’re on the go.

per carton of 48
($1.67 each)

Hand sanitiser 500ml

Perfect for shared common areas around the office

per carton of 8
($5.00 each)

Hand sanitiser 1l

Perfect for shared common areas around the office

per carton of 12
($7.50 each)

Hand sanitiser 5l

Great for refilling 500mL and 1L containers to save on packaging waste

per carton of 2
($36.00 each)

Hand sanitising wipes 50 pack

A resealable pack keeps the wipes moist, ready when you are.

per carton of 24
($4.20 each)
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How we make our hand sanitiser

The Stay Safe spread good vibes only™ range has been designed by Australia’s largest manufacturer of hand sanitisers. Our hygiene products are specifically developed to enable Australian businesses to return to work safely – adopting new protocols to safeguard employees. If you are looking for made in Australia hand sanitisers then you have come to the right place. We are the largest suppliers of hand sanitisers in Australia. Now you can buy hand sanitisers online and buy in bulk.