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Hand Sanitiser Refill

We are the manufacturers* of the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range of sanitisers, including hand sanitiser refill. If you have recently experienced any issues trying to find a reliable supplier of hand sanitiser, hand sanitising wipes, multi purpose cleaner and antibacterial spray, then you’ve come to right place. We sell direct to the public which means that we offer our customers bulk quantities – including antibacterial wipes bulk – and wholesale prices. We don’t have shop front that you can visit, and we don’t offer a click and collect surface, but we do offer fast metropolitan shipping.

You can purchase hand sanitiser refill online right now and enjoy fast metro shipping across Australia, including delivery in 24 hours to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We can ship direct to your home or office and ensure that you have everything you need to spread good vibes rather than dangerous bacteria.

To ensure that everybody uses an alcohol hand sanitiser as they enter and leave public spaces, installing a hand sanitiser station at the entrance and exit points will help to remind people of their responsibility not only to themselves and their families but also to the wider community. We offer a touch free dispenser designed to automatically release the perfect amount of sanitiser gel completely without contacting the unit. You can purchase our stands and hand sanitiser refill online and enjoy free shipping for orders over $250.

Our hand sanitiser is available to buy in a range of sizes from travel size 50ml tube through to larger 500ml, 1L hand sanitiser bottles and even 5 litre sizes. This ensures that we have a size perfect for everybody and every use. When you purchase our commercial hand sanitiser quantities, these can be delivered directly to your workplace and installed quickly throughout common areas like kitchens, break out areas and bathrooms. Our antibacterial wipes can also be used as sanitisers. These are available in a soft plastic packet and they come pre moistened. As long as the antibacterial wipes bulk remain entirely enclosed within the plastic packet then they won’t dry out. Once dry, they are no longer an effective germ killer.

When using antibacterial hand sanitiser, use an almond sized portion to spread and rub over your entire hand. It’s important to ensure that you cover your entire hand and rub it over the back of your hands as well as into the palm of your hands and finger tips. Rub quickly as it goes on slimy and air dries. Alcohol is highly evaporative, so it doesn’t leave any residue once exposed to the air and then air drives quickly. We have formulated our Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range of hand gel sanitiser to leave a pleasant aloe fragrance after use so it leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean. It offers instant protection against dangerous germs, is easy to use and takes just a few seconds to completely cover your hand. While you’re using it, concentrate on cleaning the pad of your finger tips as well.

If you have been following official Australian government guidelines, then you are probably aware that using hand sanitiser in conjunction with regular hand washing is what is being recommended to help us all tackle the mammoth task of minimising the spread of germs. The reason for this is because that using soap and warm water to wash your hands is the most effective way of removing the natural oils on our hands, especially our finger tips. It’s these oils that bacteria cling to and can be easily transferred to other surfaces, including our face. To wash your hands effectively, you must lather them liberally with soap and then scrub them together for about 30 seconds before rinsing and drying them with a disposable paper towel or a touch free hand dryer. Unfortunately, straight after washing your hands you’ll need to use a range of surfaces to get out of the facility that you were using. This process exposes you anew to all of the bacteria that you just spent half a minute getting rid of. That’s what hand sanitiser is for and why our hand sanitiser refill is so necessary for entry and exit points.

When you have finished washing your hands, use a hand sanitiser afterward as you leave whatever facility you were using. Our hand sanitiser is actually is a germ killing agent. It destroys 99.99% of germs on contact and our sanitiser is available in a handy travel size that fits everywhere, including your pockets.

If you don’t have any sanitiser to hand, then ensure you have a packet of our sanitising wipes instead. These can be kept in your handbag and your car, wherever you need them. You get the same benefits of the gel sanitiser but with the added versatility of using them as surface cleaners as well. They will effectively clean surfaces like plastic, appliances, children’s toys, etc, of dangerous germs and they also collect common dirt and dust. If you’re looking for a versatile surface cleaner than can also ensure that you’re spreading good vibes only, then choose our wipes available to order online.

Our complete range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ are available to order online right now. Order what you need in the quantity you need, including our hand sanitiser refill, and enjoy 24 hour delivery to metro areas.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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Lowest prices

Lowest prices

Buy directly from the manufacturer

Buy directly from the manufacturer

100% Australian-made

100% Australian-made

Free shipping over $250

Free shipping over $250

Hand sanitiser 1l

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Hand sanitiser 5l

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How we make our hand sanitiser

The Stay Safe spread good vibes only™ range has been designed by Australia’s largest manufacturer of hand sanitisers. Our hygiene products are specifically developed to enable Australian businesses to return to work safely – adopting new protocols to safeguard employees. If you are looking for made in Australia hand sanitisers then you have come to the right place. We are the largest suppliers of hand sanitisers in Australia. Now you can buy hand sanitisers online and buy in bulk.