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Hand sanitiser 50ml (Single)

Perfect for your handbag or compendium when you’re on the go.


Hand Sanitiser 500ml (Single)

Perfect for shared common areas around the office


Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Perfect for your handbag or compendium when you’re on the go.


per carton of 48 ($1.67 each)

Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Perfect for shared common areas around the office


per carton of 8 ($5.00 each)

Hand Sanitiser 1L

Perfect for shared common areas around the office


per carton of 12 ($7.50 each)

Hand Sanitiser 5L

Great for refilling 500mL and 1L containers to save on packaging waste


per carton of 2 ($36.00 each)

Why Should We Buy Hand Sanitiser Online?

Investing in and coming online to buy hand sanitiser Australia products is an important step in doing your bit to stop the spread of harmful bacteria. Hand sanitiser is the best way to ensure that we all do our part and spread good vibes around Australia rather than dangerous germs. The hand sanitiser online range can be used when you’re out and about, at work, at home, or in shopping centres.

In recent times, the world has seen a sudden and important transformation regarding our attitude toward germs and keeping our hands, surfaces and home as clean as possible. While not all germs are dangerous to everyone, we have all recently learned of the devastating cost of a less than thorough approach to containing germs and bacteria in our environments.

You may not be susceptible or even capable of contracting a disease or illness carried by germs, but others you share your environments with may be. For this reason, we all need to do our part to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria and protect our local communities.

The Australian government guidelines advise that the most reliable method for keeping our hands clean and free of dangerous bacteria is by using warm water and soap to thoroughly wash our hands for at least 30 seconds. Normal soap does not actually contain any special properties capable of killing dangerous germs. Instead, it acts as a method for dissolving the natural oils we all produce on our skin, particularly our hands, where bacteria like to hang out. The soap breaks down the oils, and the warm water helps to further dissolve those oils and ensure that all of the dangerous germs living on our skin are harmlessly washed away down the drain.

It’s not always convenient or even possible to wash our hands while we are out and about in public spaces or even at work. Part of the reason that we can’t always rely on public restrooms or taps is that they’re constantly being used by everyone who comes into contact with these areas.

While on the one hand, it’s important that we continue to encourage everyone to do their bit and wash their hands properly, wherever they are. On the other hand, however, it means that most public cleaning stations are under constant bombardment from a whole host of unknowable germs and bacteria. What’s more, washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap is not a guarantee that your sin is completely rid of all harmful bacteria. After you’ve cleaned your hands in a public space, next comes the conundrum of trying to dry your hands while minimising touching surfaces and objects. You’ve just successfully washed your hands for at least 30 seconds using warm water and soap, and you now need to find a suitably germ-free surface or product to dry your hands! Depending on where you’re washing your hands, this may be in the form of a paper towel or a hand dryer. Potentially touching and using these surfaces could possibly undo all of the good work that you’ve just achieved with your handwashing technique.

While we can minimise the chances of bacteria sticking to our skin by washing thoroughly, it makes sense to take the additional step of using a hand sanitiser for another layer of protection. That’s where Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only hand sanitiser online product range comes in.

Furthermore, for moments or locations where a reliable space to wash and dry your hands is not available, you use a hand sanitiser. Unlike soap, hand sanitisers and hand sanitising wipes are made specially to kill the germs on your skin, not just safely relocate them down the drain.

Shop High-Quality Hand Sanitiser Online

The effectiveness of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser depends on the amount of alcohol in the formulation. The TGA has stated that you should look for a formulation of at least 60% alcohol in hand sanitiser products. If you’re looking to buy hand sanitiser Australia products that you can trust, choose to Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™. All of our sanitisers are made with 70% v/v ethanol (alcohol). This high strength formula ensures you receive optimal protection against the threat of either contracting or inadvertently spreading harmful bacteria.

The best way to use your alcohol hand sanitiser is to squeeze an almond-sized portion on to your palm and then spread and rub the antibacterial hand sanitiser over your skin. It initially feels sticky, and air dries quickly with no excess residue on your hands. Our hand sanitiser online has been designed to include a gentle and uplifting aloe fragrance that leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean.

When spreading the hand sanitiser over your hands, ensure that you completely cover the skin on your hands and fingertips with the gel. As humans, we process a lot of information through touch. Much more, perhaps, than we consciously realise. We naturally reach out to inspect objects, things and people in different situations. Our fingertips are incredibly sensitive touch zones, able to discern a remarkable amount of information that is complemented by our sight and smell senses. Adjusting our natural responses to our environment can be difficult because we’re not always aware of what and how our body may be interacting with our immediate surrounds. Sometimes, we’re subconsciously touching, leaning and brushing against surfaces that may not be entirely germ-free! That’s what hand sanitiser is designed for. While we can’t completely shift our behaviours to stop using our hands, we can make sure that our hands are adequately sanitised.

As often as you possibly can, while in public spaces, use a small amount of the hand sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs. Rely on our hand sanitiser online range to offer superior protection.

Where to Buy Hand Sanitiser Australia-Wide

Due to the recent high demand for sanitisers, there are a variety of options to purchase hand sanitiser online. You can now shop hand sanitisers online in a range of sizes like a mini travel size, 1L hand sanitiser, and hand sanitiser stands that contain bulk size containers of 500ml and upwards. When you choose to buy the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ range of hand sanitisers online, you’re buying locally and directly from the manufacturer and supplier.

When you buy hand sanitiser Australian made* products from Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only, you’re purchasing from a local, honest business. We manufacture our hand sanitiser gels here in Australia. Our hand sanitiser and cleaning products, including our multi-purpose cleaner, are dispatched from our Australian plant in Sydney’s South West.

True to our word about minimising the spread of germs, we don’t have a physical storefront. Instead, we operate an organisation in which our customers can buy hand sanitiser online and have it delivered directly to their doors in a matter of hours. We offer fast and reliable shipping, with 24 hour delivery to metropolitan locations.

To ensure that you have enough for the general public as well as the most important people in your workspace, consider buying commercial hand sanitiser in bulk sizes online, including refills. Need a backup hand sanitiser to pop into your handbag, laptop bag, backpack or nappy bag? We offer a range of travel sizes like 50ml containers, antibacterial wipes and sprays that can be kept handy at all times. The active ingredients in our smaller sizes are exactly the same as our large hand sanitiser online offerings, making them just as powerful a barrier against spreading germs.

Once you receive your hand sanitiser online products, simply rub the gel over the palms and the back of your hands and leave your hands to air dry. The alcohol used to destroy the germs on your skin will evaporate quickly, so there’s no need to wash, rinse or dry.

We all have to do our part to ensure that we spread good vibes only throughout the community. While it’s a difficult adjustment for many of us, knowing that you’re doing your bit to protect yourself and the community helps. Buy hand sanitiser Australians can trust – shop the hand sanitiser online and Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only. We ship across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in China.