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How Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

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We’ve become familiar with the presence of hand sanitiser and other antibacterial products in shared common spaces as we collectively deal with the spread of COVID-19. Healthy hygiene habits have never been more important. So, how does hand sanitiser work?

Where soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitisers provide a convenient and efficient way to clean your hands and safeguard yourself against bacteria and viruses. Hand sanitisers can be either hand washes for use with water or hand rubs for use without water.

But just how does hand sanitiser work? In this article, Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only will answer the question of “Does hand sanitiser work?” and explain just how it works so that you can continue to stay safe and eradicate the spread of germs.

Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

Yes – hand sanitiser does work and has proven to be effective in reducing the number of harmful microbes and bacteria on hands. However, not all hand sanitisers are the same. You must use hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol to reliably disinfect the surface of your hands. Hand sanitisers without 60-95% alcohol may not work well to outright eliminating germs and may only reduce the growth of germs.

As the Australian Government has advised, antibacterial soap and warm water should be used when available. When combined with warm water, soap helps remove bacteria from our skin by breaking down the natural oils on our skin which harmful bacteria live and thrive.

To reliably protect yourself against harmful microorganisms, you should combine regular hand washing with soap and water with the application of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser acts quickly to kill microorganisms on hands, does not promote antimicrobial resistance, is less irritating to the skin than some other antimicrobial products and requires less time than hand washing. Moreover, we don’t always have access to soap, water, and a hygienic place to dry our hands. That’s where hand sanitiser comes in handy – offering a portable solution to hygiene. So, how does hand sanitiser work?

How Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

High-quality hand sanitisers contain antiseptic ingredients used to kill microorganisms or prevent the growth of microorganisms. An antiseptic is a substance that kills microorganisms and prevents the growth of microorganisms when used on the skin.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), hand sanitisers can be used with water as a cleaning agent or used without water when you’re on the go.

You should always follow the directions on the label to ensure that you are using the product correctly. It is worth noting that hand sanitisers may be less effective on hands with a considerable build-up of dirt and grime. If this is the case, it is good to conduct a deep clean with soap and water before using hand sanitising products.

How Does Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser Work?

Alcohol has a long history of being a reliable disinfectant. But how does alcohol based hand sanitiser work? The alcohol within hand sanitiser kills germs by disrupting their outer membranes and breaking down cell walls.

The main ingredient in most hand sanitisers is either isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) or ethanol (the principal ingredient in alcoholic drinks). Hand sanitisers that comprise a mix of the two alcohols are not recommended as experts are unsure of its’ overall effectiveness.

Moreover, hand sanitisers within the 60-80% alcohol range are preferred as a healthy amount of water is needed in the sanitiser formulation to prevent the alcohol from evaporating too fast. Water is also required for the process that interferes with protein function.

What to Look For in Hand Sanitiser

Not all hand sanitisers are made alike. As mentioned previously, a hand sanitiser should comprise at least 60% alcohol to remain effective. This ensures that the alcohol is concentrated enough to actively kill germs when applied to your skin. Hand sanitisers with a concentration of less than 60% alcohol or use alcohol substitutes are not recommended by the TGA.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for products that may make misleading claims before purchase.

When you buy from Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only, you can be sure that you’ve chosen a safe, regulated, and approved hand sanitiser. Our products have been proven to kill 99.9% of all germs on hard surfaces. Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only’s hand sanitiser has been developed for regular use without damaging the skin. What’s more is, you’ll be left with pleasant aloe or citrus fragrances after use. Allow the scent of fresh aloe to help you remember to do your part in keeping Australia safe by spreading good vibes rather than dangerous germs.

Will Using Hand Sanitiser Help Protect Me From COVID-19?

We refer you to the Department of Health’s good hygiene for Coronavirus protocols. These protocols say that everyone must practice good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the virus from spreading.

How to Use Hand Sanitiser

When considering ‘how does hand sanitiser work?’, it should be said that in order to use hand sanitiser effectively, one must apply an adequate amount of gel into their palm to cover all surfaces of the hand completely. After this, you should rub your hands together until dry. This should take 15-20 seconds. Be sure to cover the back of your hands, in between fingers and around fingernails too.

It is critical to practice good hand hygiene at key moments, such as before eating, after using the bathroom or after touching objects frequently touched by others.

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