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Launching an Aussie brand during COVID-19, Stay Safe spread good vibes only™

Launching an Aussie brand during COVID-19, Stay Safe spread good vibes only™

When COVID-19 hit Australia, it made us all stop and reflect on our interactions with each other and how quickly we can spread germs.
Fortunately, the Aussie community spirit remained high, mainly due to Australian’s worrying more about the impact of COVID-19 on their community rather than on themselves. We’ve seen and felt a greater sense of appreciation for what really matters. This was heightened by the selflessness of health workers and in turn, we saw an increased desire to support Australian Made.

In early 2020 we started to notice that instead of signing off emails with kind regards or saying goodbye to family, friends and co-workers, playful language like ‘stay safe’ was being used. We wanted to be a part of keeping Australians safe in a simple and effective way that is connected and considerate. As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of hand sanitiser and hygiene products, we committed to help Australian business take care of their greatest assets, their team.

We now know that the way we all work has changed forever. So, when creating our brand, Stay Safe spread good vibes only™, we chose to leverage the positive Aussie spirit and connectedness with a product range that Australians can access online with speedy delivery. We want to be the pioneers that encourage Australian businesses to get back to work safely by leveraging our motto – ‘Keep handshakes and fist bumps to yourself. Spread good vibes only.’

We knew how critical it was to get hand sanitiser in everyone’s hands in March 2020. However, being safe does not mean you need to give up the simple pleasures of fragrance too. That’s why our hand sanitiser gels include a subtle and uplifting Aloe fragrance to keep hands smelling fresh and clean. Our Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ Hand Sanitiser is made in Australia and contains 70% v/v ethanol! It’s a powerful antibacterial, killing 99.9% of germs with no rinsing required. Stay Safe spread good vibes only™ Hand Sanitiser is quick, convenient and leaves no sticky residue when applied. We also wanted to ensure that there was a size perfect for every occasion, whether it is for the home, office or when you’re on the go. Plus, we can offer the best price possible, straight from us the manufacture, to you our consumer.

“Once the product has passed our quality checks, it’s filled into our various packaging formats, labels are applied and then they are packed into cartons ready to be shipped to our customers”

– Adrian Mason General Manager Transformation.

We have partnered with major Australian businesses including the AFL, Earnest & Young and Basketball Australia offering volume at direct from the manufacturer prices that cannot be beaten. We are so confident that we have added a lowest price guarantee so affordable hand sanitiser, that smells nice is available Australia wide.

“Ensuring the health and safety of our basketball family requires us to undertake new protocols that help reduce the risk of infection. That’s why we have partnered with Stay Safe spread good vibes only, a trusted and leading provider of hand sanitiser and cleaning products. The Stay Safe spread good vibes only product range delivers on the basketball community’s needs, is great value for money and there are no stock limitations, delivery is Australia wide and is very quick with capability for same day delivery for major metro regions”

– Jerril Rechter, CEO of Basketball Australia