Multi-purpose cleaner 750ml

Multi-purpose cleaner 750ml

Spray on any hard surface to kill 99.9% of germs while cutting through grease and grime with ease.


Water, Citric Acid, Dodecylbenzene Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Tertic LA8N, Gardinol ESB70, Ethanol, Fragrance


⦁ Kills 99.9% of germs
⦁ Antibacterial
⦁ Lemon fragrance
⦁ Australian Made


105 x 66 x 265mm

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Multi Purpose Cleaner

We are the Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ manufacturers of premium disinfectant products including our multi purpose cleaner and our antibacterial sprays and hand sanitisers which is 100% Australian made* in our local plant in South Western Sydney. As a direct to the public wholesaler, we offer everyone the opportunity to buy the sanitisers they need to keep all of their public and private spaces clean. You enjoy fast metro shipping in 24 hours as well as free shipping on bulk orders of over $250. You buy commercial hand sanitiser like our 1L hand sanitiser along with a hand sanitiser station all online and have it delivered directly to your workplace where everyone can be reminded to do their bit in the fight against spreading harmful bacterial and deadly germs.

It’s not just the way that we work that has changed forever. The recent pandemics to sweep across the world have demonstrated how vulnerable we are to some strains of bacteria and how quickly they can be spread through populations. Even some populations in a region-wide lock down event. The reason why we are so good at catching and distributing dangerous germs is because we are naturally a tactile species who actively explores our physical environments with our hands. Our fingers are incredibly sensitive to touch and help us to detect important things about our physical world like the temperature of objects, the feel of textures, buttons we need to depress and where objects are located. Our hands are used most effectively in conjunction with all of our other senses and that is particularly true of our sense of smell.

Countless studies have shown that humans enjoy catching the scent of new and interesting things in their environment. It’s part of the way that we process the world around us. We are particularly drawn to catching the scent of other human beings. Smells that we enjoy give us good vibes and we gravitate strongly to spaces where the smell is very pleasant to us. That’s why our sanitisers are made with a gentle aloe fragrance that is fresh and inviting.

Using a cleaning product made from high strength antibacterial ingredients is one way that we can consciously protect the environments that we physically explore every day. While we may not be able to stop ourselves from touching a new surface and then waving our hands near to our face to see what the touch smelled like – we all do it on some level! – we can keep those surfaces actively clean using a multi purpose cleaner and then follow up with keeping a travel size hand sanitiser on us at all times.

For high traffic environments like offices, shops and other workplaces which rely on a steady stream of people through them, prominently placed hand sanitiser delivered from touch free dispensers can go a long way to reminding everyone that they need to keep their hands as clean as possible. If we’re all trying to manage our ability to spread harmful bacteria, then our collective efforts will succeed. If we’re not all doing our part, then the system begins to breakdown and we see pandemic levels of illness spread through populated environments like wildfire.

The most effective way of containing any germs or harmful bacteria on your skin is to wash it off, as per the Australian government guidelines you can access on the Australian Department of Health website. Nothing actually beats warm water and soap when it comes to keeping clean. This isn’t because soap is capable of destroying bacteria. It’s because the combination of warm water and soap helps to breakdown those natural oils on our hands – the ones that are so important for maintaining friction with other objects so that we can lift and interact with them – and then wash those oils harmlessly away. The nasty bacteria and disease-causing germs are often trapped in those natural oils. Washing your hands thoroughly for 30 seconds, ensuring that your scrub your entire hand and then rinse them thoroughly, works wonders for keeping your hands clean.

But we don’t always have access to a safe space in which we can wash our hands and dry them effectively. Shared facilities like a public restroom or the bathrooms in an office environment are being used by lots of people all day. Even using a multi purpose cleaner once every hour across all of the open and used surfaces is not going to keep that environment 100% safe 100% of the time. It will help, of course, so we should all be doing everything that we can to help, but there are other safeguards that you can encourage people put in place as well to further reduce the risks they pose to others.

Once you have finished washing your hands and you leave a public restroom or office bathroom or kitchen, use a bit of commercial hand sanitiser as well to finish off the clean. Our bulk hand sanitisers are available to order online along with our hand sanitiser dispensers which automatically dispense a quick spritz of sanitiser. By placing these stands in locations like high traffic areas through the office, you can remind people to use them as often as possible.

The best method for using sanitiser or hand sanitising wipes is to rub the gel or spay into your hands thoroughly, ensuring that you get the whole back of your hand and your finger tips. The pads of your finger tips are where you are most likely to accumulate the most natural oils so these must be given fair attention. You may not believe that the backs of your hands have much to do with your environment but if you have a spare moment, try to keep track of the amount of time your fingertips brush the back of your hand or even touch your face throughout the day. We often play with the skin on our faces or our hands while we’re thinking or while we’re in conversation. All of these little automatic movements contribute to how quickly we are able to spread dangerous and harmful bacteria and we’re never going to be able to stop all of them. Using high strength industrial surface cleaner and regularly sanitising our hands will help to control what we are capable of spreading instead.

Our complete range of products, including multi purpose cleaner, is available to order in bulk quantities online right now. We are not a shop front. Instead, you’re dealing directly with the 100% Australian manufacturer of our hand sanitiser products. This means we are able to offer our customers wholesale prices and fast metro delivery times. We ship to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

For customers who want to ensure that their workplaces, public spaces and homes remain as clean as possible, you can buy our complete range of Stay Safe Spread Good Vibes Only™ sanitising products in bulk quantities like 750ml multi purpose cleaner in cartons of 10 and our antibacterial wipes wholesale. Spread good vibes only and a pleasant lemon scent with every spray.

Order your multi purpose cleaner online now and save when you order in bulk. Do your part to help us reduce the risk of infection for everyone and keep Australia safe.

*Our antibacterial wipes are manufactured in PRC.

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